Friday, December 23, 2016

do you know what it will cost?

For God so loved the world . . . John 3:16

I have done a lot of weddings over the years.  Mostly 20-somethings who are passionately and joyously in love.  They are so much in love with love that I sometimes want to ask them, "Do you realize what you are doing?  Do you understand the words you are saying?  Do you get what the rings symbolize?  Do you have any idea what love is going to cost you?"

Because love is costly.  It means becoming more aware of the other than yourself.  It means sleepless nights, if you are blessed to have children.  It means putting up with the quirks of your partner that drive you crazy.  And love just might not only break your heart, but take it away completely.

Some years ago, I got to know two special people.  Decades long friends, fellow church members, she lost her husband seven years ago, he his wife six years ago.  They know what love can cost.  Yet, last night, with their kids, grandkids, friends, they said their vows to one another, exchanged rings.  I was blessed to be the one presiding as two people who decided, no matter what it cost, to love.

On that night long ago, knowing full well what such love would cost, God became one of us. 

(c) 2016 Thom M. Shuman

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