Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Code

Well, have you seen it yet?

The 'Code', I mean? It's on all the news.
The interviews with the cast and director,
with the author, with folks from the church
and Opus Dei and every expert imaginable.

The protestors are out in front of the theaters,
telling people it is all a 'big lie!' And the
counter-protestors are reminding folks that
'Jesus loves Dan Brown' and Tom Hanks.
As for the counter-counter-protestors . . .
well, I'm not sure what they are doing. Oops!
Sorry, that's the media.

All because of a fictional movie, based on a
work of fiction, which supposedly recounts
the 'truth' that the church has engaged in a vast
conspiracy to keep a secret about Jesus.

Meanwhile, out in the real world where Jesus
truly operates

the poor are wondering when the church will break
the code of poverty;

the hungry have been waiting a long time for Christians
to hatch a plan to feed them;

the naked are hoping against hope that Jesus' followers
might just give them that extra coat in the closet they
no longer need;

the women and children in Darfur walk the dusty
roads to death, knowing the church has more important
things to do than to work together to end genocide;

and the thirsty are still waiting for that conspiracy
which will provide drinkable water for the world.

Have you seen them, yet?

(c) 2006 Thom M. Shuman