Sunday, March 12, 2006


They have come, quite literally, from all over the world: emails, phone calls, messages telling us of prayers being offered for us, for Teddy, for the members of our congregation, for the caregivers, for the family of Joe Beaudoin, for the bailiffs in the court, for the judges and the legal system.

We've heard them, we've read them (over and over in most cases), we've clutched them close to our hearts and wept over the compassion, the love, the encouragement, the grace that is being shared by so many these last few weeks.

While we could never certainly 'rank' the messages from folks as to their 'value' to us (how to you put a value on grace?), one card that has especially touched our hearts came from Emily, a young woman about the same age as Teddy who, though now at college, grew up down the street from us. She wrote of her memories of Teddy when they were little kids, of the joy they shared, of riding bikes together when it seemed the day would never end, of the Halloween flashlight she got at one of Teddy's birthday parties. What a blessing to be reminded of those days.

And then there are the 'green cards' we have received every day since this part of the journey began. Someone who chooses to remain anonymous (but we know lives in Cincinnati according to the postmark) has sent a daily green postcard, with a scripture verse printed on it. We will probably never be able to thank the person, but he/she has sent us daily reminders

- that God continues to whisper hope and peace to us
when we are too mad to talk with God;

- to encourage us when we are standing knee deep in despair;

- to lift us up to God when we are so exhausted
that we can barely get out of bed.

What a marvelous ministry someone has undertaken! What a gift of grace, of hope, of trust, of faith in the future God has in store for us.

That's what comes in the green cards, in the card from Emily, in all the cards, calls, messages, email, hugs, meals, prayers, support which have come our way the last two weeks.

And we give thanks!

(c) 2006 Thom M. Shuman


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the truth, the amazing thoughts and simple reminders of God's love in daily life. I love reading your site and just being reminded of God's love for me and others all around me. God bless

C said...

Thank you Thom for bearing witness to God's power and love for us in Christ. Your writing gives strength to the weary! May you continue to be held God's great heart. Connie

Anonymous said...