Wednesday, June 03, 2009

pressed against the window

A young boy (12 or so?), with his younger sister, showed up first. Then come a high school kid, riding his bike, with the ever-present pack on his back. A couple of minutes later, a mother showed up with her four children of various ages. So, this motley crew and I stood waiting for the doors to be unlocked and opened.

About 5 minutes before noon, the kids started getting antsy. First, the littlest one, then the next oldest, then on up the line. Fidgeting, wiggling, bouncing up and down as if ready for lift off. Then, since the brother and the sister pressed their faces against the window, peering in to see if there was a real person inside, with a key in their hand, the little ones joined them. And finally, the teenager had his face against the glass door. (of course, being so much more mature, I wouldn't act so silly, but it did bring back memories of when I was all those different ages, doing the same exact thing, at a very similar place).

Finally, some 17 seconds past the posted time, the librarian finally unlocked the door, letting the tide of impatient readers into the holy of holies.

A fascinating scene! One repeated so many times, in so many places, by so many people. The fans of Jay Leno, lining up hours ahead of time, hoping to get one of the few remaining seats for his last 'Tonight Show.' The teenagers (and some of us older fans) purchasing tickets weeks in advance for the next Harry Potter movie. The Cameron Crazies camping out for a week or more to get into see one of the basketball games at Duke University. Always amazing sights.

Just once, I'd like to show up at church, and see someone's face pressed against the glass door leading into the sanctuary! Just once, wouldn't you like to have folks get to church 12 hours early for a Christmas or Easter service? Just once, couldn't some folks want to taste the gifts of the Table so much that they camp out on the church's lawn for days in advance?

(c) 2009 Thom M. Shuman

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