Thursday, May 13, 2010

lament for the Gulf

the silence in the coastal communities
    is almost deafening,
as shrimp boats lie still in
    the harbor waters,
the nets on fishing trawlers wave gently
        in the soft breeze,
    the crews standing on the docks
            staring into the hopeless
    their livelihoods snatched away
        when Leviathan slipped off
        the hook set for him
            in the deep sea.

the marshlands
    echo with the cries of
        the egret and heron,
        the pelican and seagull,
           who find their sheltered
            a dumping station
                    for human greed;
the turtle with its young
    plods slowly along,
    knowing they cannot outrun
        terror's tide about
        to sweep over them.

your heart is over the waters,
    Tender God,
        your keening voice
    joining the antiphonal
    soundings of the whales
        from the depths of despair.

(c) 2010  Thom M. Shuman

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