Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Hawaii, here we come!

Hopefully, we have a few days to make our final decision,
but at this point we have boiled the choices down to either
a trip to Hawaii or a cruise in the Caribbean.  With our
sudden windfall, we could have our pick of any where in
the world, but these seem to be the most attractive.

You see, in their infinite wisdom, our county commissioners
have voted to decrease the levies which provide care for the
most vulnerable in our society.  Yes, in this time when it
looks like we will slide back into a recession (or perhaps
worse), these statesmen (and they are all men) have taken
$2 million away from the levy which offers services to abused
and neglected children, and $6.5 million from the indigent care levy.
Despite just about every agency in the county pleading for
them not to do so, despite the majority of county residents
saying they are willing to pay for these two important levies,
and for the increasingly-needed services they provide, the
politicians have kept their campaign promise to cut taxes!

Hallelujah and pass the cruise brochures!

With our savings of $4.13 per $100,000 value of the house,
we are giddy with excitement.  What new adventure awaits us?
What luxury item which we have postponed purchasing can
we now run out to get?  What wild and impulsive fling can
we now have?  It just boggles the mind, the choices are so
many - I may have to go to bed just to recuperate from
all the excitement.

And while God probably doesn't know whether to laugh or
to cry or both, I think I will spend some time today contacting
the two agencies who will be losing these important monies,
to ask about how one can donate to help make up for
the losses which they now face.

© 2011 Thom M. Shuman

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