Wednesday, December 05, 2012

First Wednesday of Advent

(read Amos 3:12 - 4:5)

     econ 101

after we have spent
         considerable time
      and effort coming up
            with just the
            right formula
        to lower the debt ceiling,
                 balance the budget,
          and eliminate poverty
   (all by 2050, mind you!),
      you wipe the board clean,
      and handing us the marker,
         suggest, 'start over';

when we would
            come up with the
        plans to build a
        mcmansion for our
               golden years,
     (applauding ourselves for
            becoming job creators),
   you hand us the
          for a community
          of affordable housing
        and urge us to 'get to work!'

though we are convinced
     buying government bonds,
        putting more into
           becoming venture
        will allow our sacrifices to
                 trickle down

         would turn on the faucets
    full blast,
            so your blessings
               could flood out
      of the storehouses of our
                hardened hearts,
   becoming a river of
         for all who dwell
         in the financial

(c) 2012 Thom M. Shuman

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