Monday, February 18, 2013


It is the custom to treat Lent as the season of Less.  After all, it is the time of self-denial. So let's follow the route of less. Less smoking. Less junk food. Less stress. Less alcohol. Less (God forbid!) chocolate.

But over the years, I have come to see this time as a season for more. So, here is what I am hoping to do during this holy time:

   spend more time in silence. I just don't take advantage
   of this as much as I would like, or could. And this mean
   silence from virtual noise as well.

   spend more time reading than watching television.
   Oh, there are those good shows which I will still
   see, but so much of the time, the machine is just
   on - talk about 'junk food'!   And I hope my reading
   has more quality to it, as well.

   spend more time outside. I am not chained to my
   desk (or computer); I do not have to drop into my
   easy chair the minute I get home. Yes, being with
   Dusty gets me outside, and often turns into sacred
   time for me, but I could also go outside to read; I
   could go out on the deck and be mesmerized by
   the night sky on crisp nights; I could sit on the
   front step and simply watch; I could take that 5
   minute walk that puts me in the park near the church,
   or the woods near the house, and quietly savor
   God's creation.

There is so much more I could do during this season of discipleship to become a more faithful follower of Jesus.

I hope I do.

© 2013 Thom M. Shuman

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