Monday, November 29, 2010

First Monday of Advent

Read Psalm 122


paved with credit cards,
the roads to the malls
    stretch out before us,
    all shiny and bright,
        the lights twinkling
        (in reds, greens and gold)
            all the specials
    waiting for us inside;

clambering up the ladders,
prancing across the roofs,
    electricity stringing
    this way and that,
        Santa, the reindeers,
            18 toy soldiers,
            as well as the itsybitsy
    the neighbors make ready
    their houses to welcome
        all the traffic to this
            wonderful time of

shaking your head,
you turn and look down
the shadowed alley lying
    before you,
        potholed by poverty;
        lined with hedgerows
            where peace and hope
            are twisted together,
            shriveling from indifference;
        the bulbs in the
            removed for 'safety';
        gang tags sprayed on
        garage doors which house
                empty dreams;

you hold out your hand to us,
    'this is a shortcut I know
                to Bethlehem.
        You coming?'

© 2010  Thom M. Shuman

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