Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Tuesday of Advent

Read Psalm 146

if you're happy . . .

this Christmas,
if i want to
delight her
(or so i am told),
i can find just the right gift
at the jewelers,
or the car dealer,
or from the local purveyor
of furs;

this season,
if i want to put
a smile on his face
(or so the celebs say),
i can gift wrap
a snowblower,
put the keys to a riding mower
in his stocking,
offer gold (toss in the frankincense
and myrrh if needed)
to get those hard-to-come-by
tix for THE GAME;

this year
(and every year, the ad gods proclaim)
if we want to hear the youngsters
shout for joy,
we simply get the next generation
mobile (with every possible app),
ebay every day till we outbid the world
on that impossible-to-find
(media approved and driven)
pay any price for every thing
on their list.

but true
this-is-what-it's all-about
we'll find that
shivering in the bitter cold

collecting coats for kids
who have only a thin shirt
standing between them
and winter's breath;
visiting every politician's office
over and over and over,
as self-employed lobbyists
for the poor, the marginalized,
the forgotten;
joining you down at the
soup kitchen,
chopping carrots, peeling spuds,
clearing the tables, doing the dishes
(all those back-aching, feet-numbing
spiritual gifts we forget we have),
so others might know your

(c) 2010 Thom M. Shuman

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