Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Sunday of Advent

Read Matthew 24:36-44


stretching wearily
to get the stiffness
out of your back
   after a long night
   at the factory,
      you dump the detritus
      of your pockets
      on the polished dresser:

coins picked up off the floor
   as you walked around
   checking that all the doors
       were shut tight;
the master key
   to all the offices
   in the executive suite;
the pocket lint
   that has accumulated
   since the last time
      the uniform was in the

you take the heirloom
out of your pocket,
   opening it up
   to look (for the umpteenth
      time during the day)
         at the picture
         of Spirit pasted
         on the inside of
            the cover;

after polishing
the crystal with your
blue bandanna,
   you turn it over, gently
   rubbing your fingers over
      the inscription
         'for Dad - love XP'
and putting in the key
you wind it, as you
have done every day

climbing into bed
and pulling the covers
up over you,
   you whisper to yourself,
 'i wonder what would
if i ever forgot to wind
        that old thing?'

(c)  2010  Thom M. Shuman

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