Monday, January 08, 2018

and the winner is . . .

it’s ‘awards’ season,
      and while the world
   watches what folks
   wear on the red carpet,
you are handing
out coats and blankets
to those shivering in doorways;
      while we keep track
      of our favorites
   to see if they
   win the globeoscaremmy,
you keep an eye
on the rough sleepers;
      while the pundits
      and experts are
   handicapping the
   picks to prove who is,
      like, really smart,
you are holding
the hands of those
    everyone has forgotten.
it’s ‘awards’ season,
   and as usual, you
   are hanging out
   with all the losers,
like you.
© 2018 Thom M. Shuman


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