Monday, December 20, 2010

Fourth Monday of Advent

Read Psalm 67

        stop and listen*

in that quiet
    in the middle of
            the rush
        to get our list
checked off:                Selah
in that stunning
        that it is not
    so much the
            elect Jesus
        came for, but
    everybody (even
those we avoid):            Selahin the gap
                as we lift
    our foot to around
        over the panhandler
            as we exit
    the ballpark, only
        to find us landing
on holy ground:             Selahin the silence
                when we
        hear God offering
    the highest bid at the
            auctions for all
        whose lives have
been foreclosed:            Selahin every moment
                where we keep
        our ears closed
            to the songs
of the angels:                Selah

© 2010  Thom M. Shuman

* In the psalms, Selah is an almost untranslatable word, which may be a musical interlude or choral direction.
Some feel it may best be understood as 'stop and listen' or as Jesus said, 'let those who have ears, listen.'

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