Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fourth Wednesday of Advent

Read Isa 31:1-9; Luke 1:39-48a

we drive down
the crowded highways
                    of our days,
        never seeing another
            soul we might connect
                        with, until we
    spot the young fellow
    on the corner,
        standing next to his
            (looks like she'll deliver
            at any moment) partner,
                    with a handwritten
                    sign which reads,
        simply, 'Bethlehem';
            why are we the ones
                        to notice (and

the peacemakers are folding
                        up the tables,
        stacking the chairs in the corner,
    all the while blowing their noses,
            wiping the tears off
                                their cheeks,
        speaking with broken voices
                to the mike-holding cynics
                surrounding them for a
                    bite to satisfy their
                        11 p.m. viewers,
            'we just couldn't find anyone
            willing to take our ideas
    and without knowing why, we
            pull one of them aside
                    to get more information.

a family member we haven't
            seen in years (and whom
    we probably hoped we wouldn't) suddenly is
        on our doorstep, battered bag
                at their feet, slapping at
                    the dust of the years
                    clinging to their hopes,
        and as we look through
                        the peephole,
            wondering if they heard
            us walk to the door,
    suddenly, our heart shifts
                in a different direction
        as we reach for the handle,
'why me?'

© 2010 Thom M. Shuman

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