Friday, December 17, 2010

Third Friday of Advent

Read Psalm 148

        carol of the praises

praise God,
    all you birds
    swooping down to
        scoop up the seed
            left out on the deck;
praise him,
    tail-twitching cat
        stalking them from
        behind the safety of
            the dining room
praise the LORD!

praise him,
    you tireless dogs
    chasing one another
        round and round the yard
        until a blizzard of loose
            swirls around you;
praise God,
    all you little kids
    putting the carrot nose
        in the snowteacher's face,
                    a book
            in her hand;
praise the LORD!

praise God,
    you fathers spending
    Saturday morning baking
                    sugar cookies
            with a gaggle of children,
        not scolding
    when more icing gets on
                their faces than
            on the bells and trees,
    the sprinkles dotting
                their cheeks
        like freckles;
praise him,
    all you mothers
    who stay up until time
                    for Vigils,
        assembling the race track
            for your daughter,
    putting the doll house
    together for your
praise the LORD!

©  2010  Thom M. Shuman

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