Thursday, December 16, 2010

Third Thursday of Advent

Read Isaiah 9:18 - 10:4


will you come
    with your arm outstretched
        to stop the right and the left
        from devouring each other,
            so they might feed
                all whose stomachs
                are tightened from
                    true hunger?

will you come
    reaching out
        to take down
        the widows' heads
        mounted on den walls,
            replacing them with
            a picture of your beloved

will you come
    gathering up
        the orphans on display
        in the trophy
            sending them out
            to make angels in the

will you come
    to snatch
        slander out of our
     smearing the sweet
            balm of kindness
        on our chapped lips?


© 2010 Thom M. Shuman

1 comment:

Rev. Bobbi Neason said...

Thom, These are stunningly beautiful and unsettling and encouraging. I can't imagine being able to express these thoughts so eloquently. Thank you!