Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fourth Tuesday of Advent

Read Psalm 94; Luke 1:26-38

        only the Shadow knows

overshadow us,
O LORD, you God of vengeance:

    not with bolts
                of lightning,
        but re-wiring the home
        of a great grandmother
                    on disability;

    not with a heavy
        but with that deep
                    basso profundo
            that knows the blues
                because you've lived

    not with the judgment
                we would inflict
        out of our prejudices,
            but with that justice
                    longed for by
                those we fear;

    not with a fist striking out
                in fury,
        but with a hand reaching
        out to hold on to
            the teenagers who
            walk Christmas's streets
                    after all the
                    church goers
            are snuggled safe in
                 our beds.

overshadow us
    according to your

© 2010  Thom M. Shuman

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