Monday, December 06, 2010

Second Monday of Advent

Read Psalm 122

when the teenagers
        knot together
in front of the stores,
    smoking, cursing, annoying,
            i can mutter
        under my breath as i
            make a wide circle around
    or i can pray,

when i follow the dog
        and step carefully over
                all the litter
    spilled carelessly on the walk,
(nudging him away from the scraps),
        i can rush home
        to call the council, demanding
            they do their job,
    or i can take an extra
        bag, praying for creation
            as i pick up the mess.

when i open the paper
    and read the stats,
        i can shut my eyes;
when I turn on the radio
    and hear the bulletins,
        i can close my ears;
when i drive down
to the urban core,
    i can lock all my doors . . .
i can pray for the welfare
            of all of my
        sister and brothers
    seeking their good.

i can do all this,
    can't i?

©  2010  Thom M. Shuman

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